Eat like a chef.

Prepared by our top chefs but indulged in the comfort of your home!

A 5-star meal made with fresh local ingredients, a meal you can feel good about ordering

For over 20 years we've been one of Toronto's leading high-end event kitchens. These days, our focus is on keeping our fellow citizens healthy and happy at home, with affordable chef-prepared dishes you can just heat and serve.

Open from 12pm-7:00pm Monday- Saturday

All our meals are now served in environmentally-friendly, biodegradable to-go boxes that are safe to use in both microwaves and ovens!

How it works

Step 1- Fill your box

Choose between our fresh or frozen meals, enjoy now or save for later! Everything is completely local, made with the freshest ingredients by our in-house chefs!

Step 2- Get it tomorrow

Order today, and our own vans will deliver it tomorrow between noon and 5pm, across the GTA. Or come pick it up in an hour.

step 3- Heat and eat

Enjoy our hot and ready restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your home or relax knowing our frozen meals can be heated and enjoyed within mintues!


"I love this place. It was an accidental discovery. Great food. Great burgers. The take home soups are super delicious. My favorite is the woodland mushroom....yummy yummy for your tummy."

Gerhard Toronto, ON

"Everyone who works here is so kind, charming and neighbourly. The food is incredible and everything is worth the price because you can tell the care that goes into making each item. So happy that this place exists."

Comeau Toronto, ON

Our secret Sauce

Like the city itself, our large kitchen blends cultural backgrounds and culinary traditions, giving our recipes the best flavours. Meet a few of our chefs and their favourite dishes.

Chef René
Braised Short Ribs

From his childhood in Zurich, his passion for food blossomed, every day that he prowls Toronto markets in search of the freshest and most inspiring ingredients. His long career has spanned two continents, with Mövenpick Restaurants, the Four Seasons Hotel Group, the storied Bistro 990 and finally here at en Ville.

Geary Market Short Ribs Takeout Toronto
Chef Arnob
Double Brisket Burger

Hailing from Bangladesh, Chef Arnob’s passion for flavour comes from early childhood -- from delectable street food like Fuchkas (stuffed fried dough balls) to his mom’s Nihari (Cow Bone Soup).

Chef Veronica
Curried Lamb Madras

This Filipino powerhouse stumbled into the food industry by accident and ever since then she knew this is where she belonged. Cooking for her is almost therapeutic. It gives her a sense of happiness and fulfilment to watch ingredients come together to form a spectacular culinary experience.

Chef Abby
Vegan Shepard's Pie

A passionate vegan, Chef Abby is always looking for vegan-friendly inspiration, scouring recipes from across the world and rummaging through grocery stores and suppliers for her mouth-watering vegan marvels that have converted many a carnivore.

Chef Lenard
Jamaican Oxtail

His dad is Scottish-Jamaican and mom is Indian-Caribbean, so Lenard has lots of culinary inspiration from his cultural background. He grew up watching his grandmother cooking up a storm. Now as an accomplished chef he translates his love for flavours into wonderful dishes that will make you feel like home.

Geary Market Jamaican Oxtail Takeout Toronto
Chef Geoffrey
Braised Lamb Shank

Chef Geoffrey’s father was a Chef and mother worked front of house. At 14 years he was peeling vegetables in his father’s kitchen. He apprenticed at the Dorchester Hotel, London and has spent his life searching and enjoying ethnocultural cuisines. Geoffrey believes that there is no truer love than the love of food.

Geary Market Burger Takeout Toronto
Geary Market Takeout Toronto
Geary Market Takeout Toronto
Geary Market Short Ribs Takeout Toronto
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