Beautiful food.

For your wedding or for your freezer, we cook with the same passion.

For decades we've channelled our culinary passions into creating fancy food for swanky events. Now we're applying the same skill and care to creating fresh local comfort food, ready to heat, at reasonable prices, across the GTA.

Culinary Excellence
We only know one way to run a kitchen

Our head chefs are classically trained and apprenticed in fine hotel kitchens. We've cooked for royalty, celebrities and captains of industry. Our kitchen runs to world-class standard because it's all we know.

Fresh Local Ingredients
It starts at the market

Each dish starts with fresh and local ingredients, from the city's top suppliers that we've worked with for decades. Because beautiful food starts with beautiful ingredients.

Food is life
Can we be serious for a moment?

In our life experience, food, and the sharing of it, is surest path to the deepest joys of our existence. May each of your days, and each of your meals, be filled with love, joy and wonder.

The Geary Box. Easy prepared meals, Made by chefs not robots.

What are you eating tonight?

Believe it or not, this is the number one topic of conversation around our Geary Av kitchen. After a full day cooking for others, we can't wait to get home and relax with a nice meal.

So. What are you eating tonight?

Order up some hot takeout

Make yourself a Geary Box